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Enabling Children To Learn and Grow Their Own

Business, Mindset and Future

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How To Give Your Kids An Edge in Game Of Life?

Kidbizo is an online program created by experienced entrepreneurs and child learning experts dedicated to helping your children Master the Game Of Life through Mindset, Situation Handling, Math (different kind of math) and Entrepreneurial Skills!

We walk with your child through the journey of their development! By the time they become adults, they would have gained super confidence and have a fully profitable business in their hands! Our focus is not just education, its about genuine action! We want to ensure that whatever your child learns, it is implemented straight away (knowledge without application doesn’t go far). We teach your kids how to come up with ideas, validate them and we will work with them closely to turn those ideas into profit!

We want to also make sure your child has positive mindset (Most adults were never taught any lesson on self-esteem, positive mindset and situation handling in their entire academic life). We work with your children closely so they build a very strong confident mentality and are able to handle any tough situation that life throws at them.

We want to make sure your child is an expert at Mathematics. We have used mathematics to understand many business aspects and predict opportunities that make us super successful. How about helping your child through this. Imagine them being able to predict opportunities just like us. What difference could it make to their lives?

Why You Need KidBizo?

Why parents need this?

You parents are superheroes! The dedication you put in your child’s upbringing is so powerful and so inspiring. But we can’t always look out for our children. Sometimes, children may lose focus. Sometimes they may spend time on things like TV rather than education. Every superhero needs sidekick! Kidbizo can be that sidekick for you! We work in partnership with superhero parents like you to ensure your child becomes a highly successful adult in all areas of their lives!

We also have monthly live Q&A’s for parents to help them learn key entrepreneurial skill such as wallet management, developing ideas and much more! We don’t want kids to benefit only, we want adults to grow and develop too!

Why kids need this?

Right now, most adults believe that they will never get out of debt. Also, the average person owes $10,000! The question is why are we accumulating so much debt? This is because we are not taught money management skills at a young age. As a result, we develop unhealthy habits with money which lands us in trouble later on in life. If we teach and guide children at an early age, they can master the subject of money and work with it rather than against it. The economy will thrive and so will we as people!
We also want to create more bosses and owners! We want to create more leaders. People who wish to inspire society and create opportunities for others.

Client Feedback

My child has gained immensely in confidence since she became engaged with Kidbizo. At the tender age of 9 she is beginning to develop a road map for life and is starting to shape out what she wants to achieve in her life. The amazing things is you would expect children at that age to express selfishness and greed but her life map is anchored in charity and service whilst maximising self achievement She understands the need to work hard, have fun and enjoy life and at the same time serve and support others.

Asfhaque Jehan

It’s real fun to learn at this age about business. I also like helping people to learn about business. My friends are my partners which is fun and together we are going to have an easy life and help others have an easy life also.

Umaiyah Jehan, 9 years old kid

My daughter registered in Kidbizo program around 3 months after I watched a free live webinar about it. I liked the idea behind Kidbizo as they will teach and train the children about mindset, situation handling and business!
My daughter really enjoyed the weekly sessions and every week she is waiting for the next one. She became an independent and consistent with her work and she is looking forward to build her own business at the end of the program.

Mrs. Nada Hasan