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How it all started

Mindfulness : Two sets of parents, one set of parents places their child in the college basket, but the other proactively plans and gives their child an Early Advantage Start. They begin this journey by teaching their child the power of mindset, handling sticky situations, and how successful entrepreneurs turn ideas into profitable businesses. Which child would do better? The child of the first set of parents? Or the child of the second set of parents? Think about it carefully.

Dear parent,

The last thing you want for your dear kids who you love so much is financial insecurity, and lack of self-confidence right? Just like hundreds of millions of parents all over the world with similar aspirations, this explains why you send them to the best private schools and hire private tutors and try to get them into the best colleges and universities around. You have to realize that very few kids will ever grow up and get rich by going through this cycle. If you are currently planning for your kids’ financial future, maybe you shouldn’t only go the traditional route by placing all your eggs in the college basket. An increasing amount of studies are showing that an increasingly lower amount of people think that the benefits they got from college were worth it. If you are saving up all that money to put your kid through college or university with the hope that they will get rich in the future, you might be making a strategic mistake.

Here’s why an education fund may not necessarily be the best idea for your kids:

1. Traditional education teaches you how to be an employee but the really big earners are entrepreneurs. Think about it for a second. None of the 5 richest people you can probably name off your head made their fortunes by being an employee.

2. Entrepreneurship skills taught by people who haven’t done it themselves, will most likely teach you theory only. However most teachers in colleges and universities simply don’t have the experience of running a business … how can they really show your kids how to build successful businesses.

3. Business can be a scrap. The one thing that business school doesn’t teach you about business is how to have the character to succeed as an entrepreneur. Truly building a business from the ground up is no easy task and of course this is why … so many fail and many more never even get started.

4. How to be creative. Creativity is typically a skill that can be taught … when you spend time getting mentored by real life entrepreneurs.

5. Risk taking. You’ve probably heard this over and over again and that’s because it’s true: success in business requires risk taking, but school teaches your kids how to play safe! The level of instinct required to succeed in business is learnt. Biggest risk is when they have no training until they finish their education.

6. Mindset: Two people look at the exact same opportunity, one thinks what is there to lose but the other thinks what is there to gain.

7. Mindfulness: two parents, come across the opportunity to train their kids to build confidence to not only come across opportunities but gain the knowledge to act on them but one decides kids are two young to learn these things, while the other jumps on it Right Away – – Which parent’s kids will do better in the future? The one who found every reason to enroll their kids or the other who found every reason to wait?

1. Kids are mentored by a team of actual entrepreneurs

An opportunity that even older kids and adults can benefit greatly from. All the steps in running a business are shown while at the same time the kids are managed by people with the requisite experience in building children’s confidence and teaches kids how to handle difficult situations.
It provides framework for your children to increase their confidence and be proactive about creation (creating things).

2. Your Kids are taught to understand the employer-employee dynamic.

The complexities of the economic reality are simplified into a form that makes it easy for children to understand why the choice to become an entrepreneur is the smart one. If they can grasp this early enough, they will be on their way to flying high even in their teens.

3. Improve their memory
Your kids are taught the latest techniques to improve their memory, with effects that will stretch on into other areas and aspects of their lives, making them smarter, brighter well-rounded individuals.

4. Actual real world practice

Imagine your kid actually becoming a genuine real world business owner at the age of 10 0r 11 or even less. The confidence and sense of accomplishment that will give them is worth an entire college education and way cheaper to boost. They use the time from early age to practice doing business again and again.

What makes me the guy you should listen to?

I have successfully started business after business since i was just a kid. I was one of the lucky few whose natural gift was the ability to see opportunities but my own mother was there to nurture me, she arranged for me to sit with the best businesses she had access to, she made sure I was learning not just at school. This gave me “Can Do Attitude” and the tenacity to build a dream into reality, and I have leveraged this gift to continue to launch businesses where i have seen both side of the stick (failures and successes).

I have gotten millions of dollars’ worth of practical degrees in starting and growing businesses by doing just that—starting, failing and growing businesses.

I was always intrigued by and stayed on the creative side, coming up with and creating things that challenge conventional wisdom or contribute to startup ecosystem.  Things like the largest seed fund in Canada, Weblo (a carbon copy of this world on the internet), UniqueAuction (an auction site, where not the highest but the most unique bid wins), Collective Collaboration (where thousands of people came together to launch one business), and quite a few more.

My most rewarding shooting-for-the-moon concept is KidBizo and TeenBizo.


Because it actually makes a difference for the kids before they pick up the bad habits of this world.  It will help them think about creating things, becoming a boss, finding the next big thing, and shooting for the moon. But most importantly it will allow them to practice when they are still young.

It will allow them to practice when they do not yet have the obligations of life.

This means that by the time they are 19, they will be light years ahead of their friends and their surroundings.

In this growth for these kids, would Self-esteem matter?


I went through my entire academic life and not a single class was taught on self-esteem, yet if you ask anyone if it is important, you will be hard pressed to find a single person who will say no. Confidence helps you do better in all aspects of life and it is one of the foundational pillars of success.

To all the people working in KidBizo and the Parents who form the KidBizo Universe, don’t make the same mistakes as I did.

I taught to myself, all the mistakes i have made in my business life, all the time i was lacking confidence, all the people i learnt from and my successes formed my Environmental DNA and then there is my Genetic DNA.

Parents Power

More and more parents in KidBizo are becoming part of the entire circle. They come from all walks of life, they have experiences, knowledge, resources but most importantly – – they all have the desire for the kids to do better.  Our parents chats and meetings will keep getting better. Even the lessons, parents will be able to contribute in it. What started as a wish of four kids is morphing into something much bigger.

How do we find each other

I have brought on the best minds money can buy for customer acquisition, and if you were just to see our acquiring sequence it will blow your mind away.

Best answers

Some of our best answers are based on limited knowledge, they are based on so many unknowns, and if that is the case, how can they be the best?

For example if you ask a parent, “what do you want your kids to become?” The answer will be “Anything they want to be”.  If you look at it from a simpler way, it says, i don’t know.  You don’t know so you leave it to a time in the future. You leave it to the education system, you leave it to their age (as they grow they will figure it out for themselves).

How is this different than if i was to ask you, where should i eat and you say “Anywhere you want.”

Elite Parents

I know parents who started teaching their kids which building you will own, which property you need, which bonds you should look at, which company you should invest in, how to pick a company, how you can make friends, how to handle others.  What to tell the teacher when you get into trouble or when someone is being unfair to you. No wonder the education system is rigged to produce workers and it’s rigged to provide an advantage to the rich kids.

It is my personal guarantee that if you were to start training your kids on how to do better in life, if you were to help them build their confidence and self-esteem, and if you were to teach them one situation at a time for dealing with people. Your kids will be light years ahead of others.

Life Obligations

The issue is, you have life to take care of. You have obligations, you must provide for your family and with limited amount of time available, you will not be able to do it yourself – – even if you had the know-how.

Success is proven

A proven way to get your kids to achieve success is to let others help them. When you want them to become better at football, you hire a coach who works with them and teaches them the tricks and drills. With practice, your kid gets better at football. Same holds true for any sport and for education. It is easy to make these decisions because the results are “here and now”. Your kids will have to develop the skills to play “the game of life” in the future, and most parents leave that in the hands of other people – -who are just doing their job and producing more workers.
Your kid’s future depends on what you didn’t do in life.

How can you benefit from this life-changing opportunity

1. Enroll your kids so together we can help them become well-rounded future champions of Game of Life

2. Become a Franchise Owner of KidBizo in your Neighborhood, City or Country. (We will provide you full training to make sure you have best of the both worlds, A) thriving business and B) Contributing to well-beings of kids when it matters most.

Fill the form below and let one of our Franchise experts provide you with more information.

Since we figured out the exact process, you don’t have to. In your franchise training, you will be provided with step by step customer acquisition process, which will below your mind away. We want you to know exactly how it works but doing of it, will still be done by the team, which is doing it now.

In essence, benefiting from KidBizo franchise is going to be rewarding for anyone but for parents – – it will be double dipping. Your kids get a lifetime membership for Free and you make money while helping other people’s kids.

No Technical Experience Required

Upon onboarding with KidBizo, we enroll you into our online and in-class training modules to ensure you have a solid foundation of our industry. No background knowledge of technology or coding? Not to worry, our international productions centers will take care of the technical aspects of your KidBizo strategy, so you don’t have to.

No Marketing Experience Required

Considerable amount of time and resources were deployed to create our processes and systems. Our customer acquisition sequence is comprehensive and most of it is automated. I believe “Anything that can be automated, should be automated”. The attraction of the parents to KidBizo works well because we time and stress tested the process but it also works because we are solving a real problem – – with a solution that is needed. We are not letting kids play the waiting game until it is too late.

Parents who are joining us genuinely want their kids to do better and they are making the decision to enroll their kids fast.

Complete Training and Ongoing Support

As a KidBizo Franchisee, we’ll provide you with robust training, tools and support you’ll need to operate your business. When you’re ready to embark on this amazing journey, we’ll enlist you into our 60 day Quick Start Program (QSP), where our corporate coaches in each department work with you on a daily/weekly basis to ensure you effectively build the foundation of your KidBizo business in your chosen area.

Desired Skills and Experience

It is a common believe that No two entrepreneurs are the same, nor their background and life experiences, however we believe consistency, applied knowledge and well defined path goes a long way. If you’re willing to put in the hours, sky’s the limit with KidBizo Franchise. We are looking for successful passionate professionals who are interested in making an impact in kids’ lives. If you think KidBizo is the right business opportunity for you, we invite you to learn more about our success.

Please fill in the details below and let us have that one to one call


Currently, we have an increasing number of franchising requests coming from all over the world, and have now decided to franchise KidBizo outside the UK, through three distinct opportunities :


Complete the form below and we will be in touch soon.


My daughter registered in Kidbizo program around 3 months after I watched a free live webinar about it. I liked the idea behind Kidbizo as they will teach and train the children about mindset, situation handling and business!
My daughter really enjoyed the weekly sessions and every week she is waiting for the next one. She became an independent and consistent with her work and she is looking forward to build her own business at the end of the program.

Mrs. Nada Hassan

My child has gained immensely in confidence since she became engaged with Kidbizo. At the tender age of 9 she is beginning to develop a road map for life and is starting to shape out what she wants to achieve in her life. The amazing things is you would expect children at that age to express selfishness and greed but her life map is anchored in charity and service whilst maximising self achievement She understands the need to work hard, have fun and enjoy life and at the same time serve and support others.

Asfhaque Jehan

It’s real fun to learn at this age about business. I also like helping people to learn about business. My friends are my partners which is fun and together we are going to have an easy life and help others have an easy life also.

Umaiyah Jehan, 9 year old kid.

Have you ever considered the fact that you could invest in a great online idea for your kids without having to start from scratch?

Why every parent should try the kidbizo franchise

Investing in the Kidbizo franchise is a sure way to achieve three of your most important goals: get your kids started in business from an early age, have success guaranteed, and earn some guaranteed passive income.

Find out why more and more parents in the UK and all over the world are turning to kidbizo to give their kids a leg up in the business world.

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