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How to Start a Small Business For Your Kid in Savannah Georgia

Georgia is the classic South with antebellum mansions, magnolia trees, trickling fountains and mint juleps served in vine-draped gardens. But, Savannah has also comfortably eased into the present with a host of art-driven institutions, from the lauded College of Art and Design to Art Rise Savannah, which supports local artists. In addition, Savannah is one of the best places to start a business for your kid because it is more open to entrepreneurship. To start a small business here is not difficult at all because the city of Savannah has provided a team of Business and Development Liaisons who are there to help you through the process.  But this article will provide the necessary steps that you need to follow to get started and help make the process easier as you will be able to be at a better position due to the knowledge that you acquire. Before getting into the processes, you need to know why it is best for you to open a business for your kid in Savannah. The environment is great and strategically suitable for any business. savannah is known for its arts and culture, fishing and watersports as well as its sightseeing and golf. The city is home to multiple programs, centers, and schools that are designed to help new businesses get off the ground and survive. There are community organizations that are geared to helping entrepreneurs. These organizations help with networking, mentoring and advocacy. It is great when you and your kid can get support from the community because business will not improve if the community does not support you. You need all the advice and mentoring to make the right decisions in your business. Finally, here in Savannah, the city makes local business and the local economy a top priority. This is because Savannah has one of the largest and busiest ports in the United States. Steps on How to Start a Business 1. Select the type of business Before embarking on anything, your kid needs to decide on the kind of business that they will like to do. This can be based from what they are passionate about, what they can do or what they will like to do. Some business might not be in demand in your city so you need to do some research on the kind of business that is best for your kid and can easily get moving. It is important that your kid has the desire for the business because that is the factor that will keep them committed to the business and make sure to see it through. 2. Create a business plan You need to create a business plan with your kid that will serve as a roadmap for your kid. This will serve as a guide which will be used to get your business so that you and your kid can determine the level of your progress. You will have to ask your kid what is his plan and vision for a period of [...]

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How to Start a Business For Your Kid in San Francisco

Sans Francisco is one of the famous and most delightful cities in America. With the iconic views around every ben- Golden Gate Bridge arching over the sparkling San Francisco Bay- diverse neighborhoods, from Haight- Ashbury to Chinatown and one of the finest food scenes in the world, this is really a perfect place to start a business. It is a booming city with a good economy where small businesses thrive. It has so many opportunities that you and your kid could take advantage of so easily with your support of the cause. Starting a business in sans Francisco isn’t difficult at all; all that is needed is your support and love towards your kid’s ambition or dream. Follow the Steps Below 1. Create a business plan Do not just start a business without a business plan. You need to have a game plan that you and your kid will work with. This will include the business goals, missions, and vision of your kid, action steps that will follow etc. It helps you be organized and gives you a clear vision of your roadmap to profit making. You and your kid should do this part together. Help humor her to sketch out a business plan which should include the following: Executive summary- which briefly explains your business plans for the future Business description- describes your business and your products or services and explains how they are different from other businesses. Market analysis- this covers your potential customers and describes your industry and competition Organization and management- shows how you plan to structure your business and introduce your management team and their responsibilities Service or product line- describes your product or service, including the features and benefits of product or service Marketing and sales- this explains how you plan to market and sell your product or service to the potential customers you have identified Finances- show your current and projected financial status, which includes balance sheets, cash flow and in general, it includes your kid’s financial statements Appendix- this may include other documents that may support your plan. It does not mean that your business plan must follow these steps but it is a good example that you could copy from for your kid. 2. Finance your business This part is so important in business that without it, you probably cannot start anything. Since this is your kids business, you probably have to put in your own cash. This could be done by loaning your kid the start-up capital in an agreement that it will be refunded when the business makes a profit. This is a good system that allows your kid to easily meet up their expenditure for the start. Or depending on how old your kid is or is capable, you could ask them to fund themselves. Perhaps your kid worked on jobs before and has been able to save some cash, then depending on how much your business start-up cost may need, he or she could fund themselves. There [...]

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Start a Business For Your Kid in Alaska

Alaska is by far the nation’s biggest, coldest, and most remote state. But, despite that fact, it’s also one of the best states to start and run a business for yourself or your kid. There are a few reasons why starting a business in Alaska has gained such a reputation. One of them being that, the Tax Foundation lists the Last Frontier as third on their list of most tax-friendly business states (due to no individual income tax or state sales tax). In addition, Alaska has the country’s second-highest rate of new entrepreneurs. Yes, that is clearly the spirit of commerce it shows that it is alive and well way up north. So, if you’re interested in starting a business for your kid in Alaska—maybe you’re a native son or daughter, or you’re drawn to the 49th state by virtue of its low taxes, not to mention its stunning natural beauty—then you need to know a few things about getting started. Here is how to get started in Alaska: 1. Choose Business and create a Plan The only question this article cannot answer is the type of business that your kid should get involved in. This depends on what your kid is passionate about or what they are good at, and what suits the community you’re looking to serve in Alaska and beyond. If you want some ideas on starting a business in Alaska, you need to do a market survey around the area or vicinity you live in. you and your kid can try to find out how much is made on an average on the type of business he or she chose. Once you decide what kind of business to open, you’ll need to create a business plan. You can write it yourself or use digital tools to help you out. Your business plan should cover your pitch, your potential customers, your marketing strategy, and where you’ll secure financing and any other important detail. For outside help with crafting your business plan, Alaska’s Small Business Development Centers offer no-cost business advising, which you can benefit from. 2. Register the business This isn’t a walk in the park but it is quite literally the most necessary. You need to register your kid’s business with the state in order to do business. The process isn’t easy for your kid to follow or to be able to fulfill alone so for this part you need to be in support at all times. There are a few different legal structures to choose from when registering, and all of them have different benefits when it comes to taxes, liability, and operations. The four most common are below: A limited liability company (or LLC) is the most popular structure, as it provides protection without double taxation. LLCs can function as a partnership or corporation, and Single Member LLCs allow business owners to choose to be taxed as a sole proprietorship or corporation. You are also protected from personal liability in the case of damage. You can also choose to be a sole [...]

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Start a Business For Your Kid in Arizona

Arizona is a beautiful city with lots of opportunities for business. Regardless of whatever age one is, there are always chances to begin a business in this city. If your kid is interested in beginning some kind of small business, the city is open for it and all he or she needs is your help and support. Help them with the requirements that must be fulfilled which will be explained below. Following the simple steps that will be listed and explained will help you aid your kid as he or she establishes their business. With the knowledge, the process will be easier and fast to accomplish. Steps to Start a Business 1. Choose a type of business The first step is for your kid to select the type of business that he or she wants to start. If they have done so already then they may skip this step; if not, then your kid would have to make a choice. To make a confirmed choice, your kid would have to do this in line with their skill, knowledge, and passion for a prospective business they want to start. You have to make sure that your kid has a passion for the business they choose because this is what that will keep them committed to it and to face the challenges. It would be the driving force and the zeal will keep your kid motivated. 2. Choose a name As simple as it sounds, it is a very important thing to do. A name serves as the identity of your business and is also the first thing that people often come in contact with. Having a name is a brand and as your business grows it will be used to refer to your type of quality and services. Make sure that the kind of name your kid chooses for their business is available. Perhaps your kid has chosen a catchy and beautiful name but that name happens to already be in use, he or she can incur legal consequences if they use the name or something similar. Hence, you could check on the internet to find out if that name has been taken or not. Or go to the city council to find out. 3. Finance Finance is an important component to every business. Without capital one cannot start a business and for kids, the start-up capital may be a bit of a challenge. This will need a lot of assistance from you to raise funds for them. However, there are some home-based businesses that require little or no cash set up except for registration. However, you could loan your kid the entire sum or give them half if they already have some money saved up. The money could always be paid back when the business begins to yield profits. 4. Choose the type of entity Choosing the type of entity that your business will be like is a must because that is what it will be registered as. Your kid [...]

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What To Do To Boost Your Kids Business

Whether you're a one-person operation or 100-employee company, ongoing improvement is the name of the game. Businesses are not static. Your business is either on an upward track or it is on its way down. Making consistent improvements to make your business better is a conscious choice. Not only must you balance your time, but you must also choose the right area of business that will make the biggest impact. 1. Keep Score It's amazing how few small businesses have an accurate idea of the daily, weekly and monthly numbers and financial trends in the organization. For a business that is being run by a kid, keeping books at the initial stage can be quite challenging. A parent needs to help out in this aspect and guide the kid or teach the kid the right way to do. With time and as they get familiar with the process, they will be able to effectively keep track of their finances. It's vital that they spend the necessary time keeping current on cash flow. However, as the business grows bigger and more employees are brought to the company or business, there would be better financial records to keep track off. If you lack the financial skills, hire an accountant, but still stay in the loop. 2. Set Goals Like keeping score, setting goals and objectives is an essential part of business success. Set goals and use them as an ongoing planning tool to ensure you continue to move forward in your small business. This ought to be done from the initial beginning and this is what will guide the actions of your kid towards the running of the business. Having set goals, help your business move faster because you will work towards achieving that and this will make you put in more effort. 3. Use High-Impact Marketing It's easy to waste money on ineffective marketing. Learn how to use low budget high-impact marketing to improve your small business. Test one or two new tactics and see which perform best before adding them to your marketing mix. Make sure to do some research and see the best that works with your kid’s kind of business and invest in that. Do not just randomly go into any kind of advertising. Not all social experiences need to be transactional though. Instead, you can look at sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as watering holes for your current or potential clients. By meeting them where they already hang out, you can find a place in their lives that doesn’t feel as “salesy.” Use social media to help your clients solve problems. They will begin to regard you as the expert and come to you with similar issues in the future. They’ll also tell their friends, and both can increase your bottom line. 4. Put a Call to Action on Your Homepage We know that a CTA is essential for conversions on a landing page or product description. They can also be effective on your homepage because they help direct your visitor. Think about the one thing [...]

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What To Do When Your Kid is Rude

Your child could express rude behaviors in all forms of ways. Whether your child rolls her eyes and says, "Whatever Mom!" or when you tell her to start her homework or she pretends she can't hear you when you tell her to turn off her electronics, is on the mild end of the disrespect spectrum. On the more serious end of the disrespectful behavior spectrum, you'll find behaviors such as calling people names, disregarding the rules, or physical aggression. No matter what your child does, it's important to address disrespect before it gets worse. A 2015 study conducted by researchers at the University of Virginia discovered that disrespectful children are likely to become rude adults in the future. You might want to ignore the signs of your kid's attitude by saying that ‘kids will be kids’ or thinking that it just a phase that he or she will grow out off. Then you will be doing a grave mistake. Your child’s disrespect is a sign that something needs to be done and fast so that your kid is able to treat others with respect. Whatever the cause of his or her bad attitude, your kid needs help to manage his anger, frustration and to communicate effectively his feelings. To deal with the situation quickly and effectively, follow the steps below: 1. Ignore Attention Seeking Behavior It may seem like ignoring minor disrespect is the same as allowing your child to get away with it. There is always that urge to do something at all times. But selective ignoring can be one of the most effective negative consequences. Kids have various ways of seeking attention and one of them is acting unruly so that parents can talk about him or focus on him. Ignoring doesn't mean letting your child get away with being mean. Instead, it's about refusing to let your child's disrespect slow you down you from the task-at-hand, which is to address his or her misbehavior. If you tell your child to clean his room, and he rolls his eyes, don't engage begin to argue with him based on his argument which will just be long and end nowhere. Each minute you spend in a power struggle is 60 seconds he'll put off cleaning his room. Instead, give him a warning about what will happen if he doesn't get to work. If eye rolling has become a common problem, address the issue at a later time when both of you are calm. Say something like, "Earlier today when I told you to clean your room, you rolled your eyes. Are you aware that you do that when you're mad?". By doing this, you are putting your kid in a position where he or she is aware of their actions and that they choose to act that way. However, you have chosen not to show it or acted like it had not affected you at all. Talk about the potential consequences of disrespect. Ask, "Do you think that you roll your eyes when your friend [...]

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What To Do When Your Kid Does Not Want To Do Chores

Chores are not fun to do generally in the viewpoint or any kid. Even for parents, at the time you were the age of your kid, am sure you did not find it fun either. It can really be challenging at times when your kid just refuses to do the chores. Some parents want their house clean but do not have cooperative kids that help out at home. If you are a parent that wants to get their kids to help out at home then follow some of the steps below. 1. Set your goals They need to clean up the messes the help create: make it clear that they will clean after themselves. When you little kid uses the bathroom, she needs to help clean the bathroom. She wears clothes too, then she needs to wash them. Let them work for the things they have: teach them the importance of taking care of the things we have. This can mean cleaning toys, rooms, making the bed etc. A family is a unit that helps each other: emphasize the importance of helping others do work in the family. Your principle must be that, when you help others do work, they will do the same for you in return. It makes helping out rewarding. So if your brothers supposed to wash clothes and you send your other kid to help out, they are supposed to do it because it is rewarding. 2. Empathize Do not act like an outsider to your kid and try to control your emotions especially when it hurts that your kids refuse to do any chores. Little kids really do not want to do chores but would prefer to play or do something else more fun. So, when they say that they do not want to do the chores, get down on your knees and keep eye contact and speak to them like you understand what they are feeling and how you would also react the same way. Your kids need to feel like you care about them and can understand from their point of view. If it sounds fake, just note that it won’t work. After you have empathized with him or her, you add the ‘but’ along with the exact reason the chores need to be done. Example, “But you really need to do your laundry or you won't have any clean clothes for tomorrow” and follow this up with the exact request like, “please go start the washer”. If your kid refuses, do not give up; just keep on repeating the same request over and over but not yelling instead, in a cool and calm voice. This usually annoys them and they will storm off to go do the chore. Do not worry about their mood; the most important thing is for them to do the chore. 3. Assist If your kid refuses to do the chore, then you can offer to help them start it. They might just be looking for a little [...]

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What To Do If Your Kid Wants To Start a Website

It should not come as a surprise that once children discover the internet, they want to learn how to create a website. Well, sometimes they are inspired to create something or have this idea they want to explore. You just never know where your kids may lead to so why don’t you help create a website with the simple steps below. However, it is also good that you know how important creating your kid's website can be useful. These days, creating a personal website is pretty easy. You don’t need to know about web hosting or code—the newest kids on the block are hosted profile pages with templates you can fill in with photos, links, and text about yourself. You don’t even have to have tons of content for subpages—just one landing page is all you need to stake out your spot on the web. Why You Should Create a Website For Your Kid 1. You Control Your Branding Most personal website services allow you to customize everything from background photos to fonts and text placement—so, unlike LinkedIn’s uniform profile, your personality and brand can shine through. Hence, if your kid has something she is doing like a business or a creative activity or anything at all that he or she wants the world to know about, they could have one. When someone finds you, they’ll have an instant, visual representation of who you are. 2. It’s an Instant Portfolio People are visual, so the more you can show (rather than tell), the better. Your resume may say that you “built a company blog following of 15,000 engaged readers,” but with your personal site, you can take someone straight to the blog and show why it’s so engaging and what sets your work apart. By featuring work samples, sites you’ve worked on, articles you’ve written, whatever, your personal homepage can act as a digital portfolio of your online work and identity. 3. It Gives the world a Better Idea of Who You Are Much like social media, what you post or add to your kid's website defines who they are, whether you want it to or not. Having professional, family-friendly photos and blog posts will show anyone you’re enthusiastic and passionate about what you do. If your kid is going to feature his personal website on his resume or have it be “his name” dot com, make sure there is nothing on there you wouldn’t want others to see. But taking the time to make one, can give you an advantage over his mates. 4. You Can Showcase Your Talent Websites are great for bragging about your talents. Your kid's website can be their portfolio to show off to potential clients or customers what they can do. Whether you’re a photographer, writer, or even a landscaper, documenting any work you have done will help you in a long run. 5. It’ll Help You Build Valuable Skills As technology continues to advance beyond our imaginations, it’s important to stay on top of the trend. [...]

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How to Make Your Kid’s YouTube Channel Successful

Depending on what your kids want, parents always want their kids to be successful in whatever they do. Now, that your kid has a YouTube channel, he or she is worried about subscribers or wants more people to view their content. This may be due to various reasons, either for personal or business purposes. A YouTube subscriber is someone who has chosen to “follow” your channel and your content so they can stay updated with your latest videos. In essence, a subscriber can become a raving fan who watches, comments and shares your videos with others. Building up a strong subscriber base is essential for creating a powerful community online. Once you have a powerful online community, you can market a business or any other stuff your kid wants to do. Subscribers are really important for YouTube marketing, because even though there are 30 million visitors a month on YouTube, most of them, obviously, aren’t going to see your videos. If you want people to see your videos, you want them to subscribe, because then your feed will be front-and-center when they head to YouTube. They’ll also get email updates about channels they subscribe to when they upload new content. It’s just a great way to get more views for your video. Here are ways you can make your kids channel better The most obvious way to know that your kid’s YouTube is successful is based on the number of subscribers that are subscribed to the channel. How do you get these people to follow what your kids doing? 1. Start promoting Lots of videos are being made every day about how to get more subscribers to your channel. These videos are usually based on how to hack through YouTube server but in reality, this is just so fake and so wrong if it were possible. The best way to help out your kids channel is by promoting. If you have a new or unknown YouTube channel, you need to gain some sort of traction. Without the attention of YouTube’s algorithm, your videos won’t appear in search results or appear in recommended lists. Be ruthless about promotion. Start with your Facebook friends and shamelessly (but still with some class) ask them to share your video. Then, find out where your audience is hanging out and start targeting those sites. Go to blogs that relate to your content and share your video. Or reply in the comment sections of the related video. Your task: Stop wasting time looking for YouTube shortcuts. Instead, build a plan to promote your YouTube channel. Start with manual tasks. And once you have some traction, free YouTube subscribers and organic traffic will begin to appear. 2. Be consistent with your content If your kid has so much passion for creating contents, then work with him or her and create a schedule because consistency is very important in making sure that you keep your subscribers turned. People come to expect your content. You create a dependable rhythm [...]

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What To Do When Your Kid Wants To Start Coding?

Coding is a trend that is getting quite popular among kids these days and there are many programs that are out there for kids that want to learn how to code. You may not know anything about coding but that should not stop you from helping out your kid. For many innovators and entrepreneurs, coding is one of the modern skills that needed to be able to make innovations in the tech world. If your kid loves technology and shows an interest in gadgets then get them to start coding. Through coding, they can learn a lot and develop life-long skills that they will use for whatever they do in life. First, know the reasons why your kid needs coding and see how you can encourage him or her to code. How Does Coding Help Your Kid? 1. Computational thinking When kids learn to read and write code, they develop cognitive skills and learn a methodical, problem-solving process that resembles a computer. The process involves using abstractions and pattern recognition to represent the problem in new and different ways, logically organizing and analyzing data, breaking the problem down into smaller parts, identifying and creating the steps needed to solve the problem, running the procedures, analyzing the results, and determining if the results yielded an acceptable answer. Computational thinking can be applied to other situations aside from coding, as it is a way of thinking that solves practical problems. 2. Perseverance Kids learn to persist if what they are creating is not working. They are compelled to analyze what is not working, why it is not working, and figure out how to correct it until it works. 3. Creativity Kids exercise creativity, and in a fun way, learn to create stuff that works. They love technology, and “magically” creating things related to what they love to provide them with natural motivation. Learning to code encourages kids to exercise their imaginations and improvise when their resources are limited. Also, when they are able to create something that works, coding gives kids a sense of achievement and bolsters their self-confidence. 4. Improved Skillset The continuing pervasiveness and importance of technology in our lives would require a lot of workers with coding skills. It is expected that writing programs will continue to pay well into the future. Even many non-programming jobs that require the use of computers would require a bit of coding knowledge. In addition, when learning to code, kids also learn other important future skills like critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. 5. Math in action Coding shows kids the practical application of math, and why it is so important. Coding statements usually contain math expressions that need to be resolved for the program to move forward. 6. Think outside of the box Coding sends a message to kids that they can create anything from nothing if they want to work on it. By coding, they can stretch what is possible. This fosters the progress of humanity and the overall improvement of [...]

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