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Kid Entrepreneur Academy UAE: Nurtures the Next Generation of Doers and Dreamers

Do you believe the popular notion that entrepreneurs are not born? They are made. Entrepreneurship education benefits students from all socioeconomic backgrounds because it teaches kids to think outside the box and nurtures unconventional talents and skills. Entrepreneurial mindset is not so common in the world that loves the comfort and predictability of 9-5 jobs. Therefore, if your child told you that he wanted to start a business, you should jump in joy because he is already a part of the few percentages among the statistics. If your child has an idea for a business, let him or her give it a go. If the child succeeds, that will be great. If he or she fails, it’s a lot even better. Indeed, teaching a child to not fear failure is one of the best ways for you as parents to prepare your kids for success in life. Aside from your child’s initiative and innate passion in business, we at Kidbizo are here to help you out. We will teach your children to be life-ready and to be the big earner entrepreneurs in the future. Not just successful entrepreneurs but as good leaders as well. Isn’t it amazing seeing your child having his or her own business in the long run? Rather than seeing him or her just follows instructions from superiors. Think about this, if your child has their own business they have greater control in everything. They have flexible work hours, open-ended career progression, greater sense of satisfaction, and most especially is diverse learning experience. As professionals, they can also form positive habits, attributes, higher motivation and morale. If you’ve heard about London Business School Dubai Centre, they also offer opportunities for you to learn skills that can help you on starting your own business. They already helped lots of people and businesses as well just like Carlo del Mistro, founder and managing director of the Gelato Mio chain of ice cream stores. Carlo believes that the biggest thing to learn is perseverance; to stick to your decisions and try to carry them through. He also said that being an entrepreneur you often hear people saying “No” to your face. You have to be able to carry on. It’s clear that the world needs more innovation and more entrepreneurs. And the skills of entrepreneurship are also good life skills. So how can we teach kids business to nurture that next generation of doers and dreamers? You may visit our website, join our free training webinars and gain more valuable ideas about your kids’ passion and interests. Who knows? Your kids might be natural born entrepreneurs!

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