Signs that Your Child is a Budding Entrepreneur

Signs that Your Child is a Budding Entrepreneur

Many parents will say that they’ll be happy as long as their children find happiness in life. But in reality, most parents have confessed, they genuinely hope they are raising strong, independent, and confident children. Parents don’t want to rely on hope or a crystal ball to figure out what kind of person their children will become. Thankfully, there are early signs that your child could be a natural born leader, so you won’t have to just cross your fingers and wait to find out. Maturity is a beautiful thing; it helps us grow and cultivate the areas of our personality that need to be improved upon. Even our God-given qualities, when used incorrectly, can breed rotten fruit, but if sharpened and allowed the ability to be sculpted, they can really show their true beauty. Knowing what your kids like and noticing certain qualities in them when that are young can help you help them grow and become one of the best in whatever they do.

Here are some of the signs you might notice in your child that will let you know that they are a budding entrepreneur.

1. Child entrepreneurs look at the world differently

They focus. You could even say that they are hyper-focus on their projects. They’re driven to see what they can do, what they can earn, and how far they can take their ambition. They usually don’t fit in, child entrepreneurs try to change the world the way they see it.

They constantly have new projects in the works, and their thoughts are almost always money or business-centric. These children are driven by challenge and are unwilling to surrender, simply because a project has failed. That failure will often spark their fire and fuel them further.

2. They are super creative

Most kids that ended up inventing something were challenged either by a friend or someone else. But inventing something takes exactly that creativity. If your child draws or is musically talented, studies show they likely have a higher than average IQ, this added bonus that will help your child to become an entrepreneur.

Young kids love to do crafts and come up with new ideas or stories. But if your child is super creative beyond just drawing a cool picture, you may be raising a young entrepreneur. In order to be a successful entrepreneur, you must have good ideas. If your creative child is always coming up with great ideas and doing creative things, they one day might become a successful entrepreneur.

How does your child play? Do they like to build things with their hands like Lego’s or magnets or come up with new rules to a card game? Children who love to create, experiment, and invent often grow up to be successful entrepreneurs.

3. They are naturally curious

If your child is filled with questions, this is a sign of entrepreneurial spirit. Entrepreneurs are always wondering why things are the way they are, and how they could be done better. Constantly wondering “why” helps them to identify key gaps in the way things operate. Entrepreneurs are willing to think outside the box and come up with exceptionally creative solutions to challenges.

4. They are risk takers

Risk taking is an essential part of successful entrepreneurship, does your child find a solution to a problem a simply try it even though they know that it is risky…That child might be an entrepreneur.

5. They are confident

Your child is comfortable in their skin, this trait is important to the entrepreneur not only because entrepreneurs often face detractors, especially early on, but because they need to believe in their vision to sell it to others. Confidence can also go a long way in attempting tasks that were long considered impossible and springing back after challenges.

6. They’re self-motivated

Not to be confused with being motivated, self-motivation means they accomplish tasks all on their own, with no outside encouragement. Do they do their homework with little or no help? Do they get their own breakfast, clean their own room? These are all indicative of an independent boss-in-training.

7. They are highly motivated

A “motivated” person not only works hard but is also proactive, which means that they look for things that need to be done without being asked.

8. They’re persistent

Ask any of the children above and they’ll likely tell you they never gave up on their dreams. When the chips were down, they kept going. That’s an important trait for any future entrepreneur.

Giving up is not in their vocabulary. You know that if this idea doesn’t pan out, there will be opportunities to win with your next business move. You’ve tried and failed before, and you know you’ll make mistakes, but you take each one in stride because you’re in it for the marathon and not the sprint.

9. They know how to focus

Ever seen your child concentrate on something so hard they don’t hear you ask them a question? Can they clear their mind and focus on a single task or challenge? That’s a good sign. You don’t develop a skill or talent by being easily distracted.

When kids are young, they tend to change their minds a lot, testing out the waters in order to find the thing they like best. Future entrepreneurs tend to be much more committed to their activities, preferring to stick with one thing and master it. They take pride in their commitments, and they hate to think they’re giving up anything midway.

10. They are introverted

Your child is the opposite of a talkative, so much that sometimes it annoys. They’re introverted, quiet, particularly shy and prefer to observe rather than run around and explore.

Introverted kids might not be bursting with energy and talking your ear off, but they’re learning, absorbing, and observing things that most kids don’t. They notice the small stuff and see the world the people and the opportunities in it like no one else.

11. They’re constantly developing new ideas for projects.

You may even find them having trouble shifting from idea to idea without completing the first. A child entrepreneur may start a business and before the idea has had enough time to fully evolve, he’ll be on his way to selling doing some other business.

12. They are adaptable

As important as it is to be a strong and independent thinker, entrepreneurs need to be adaptable, too. If your child can adjust to a new school or soccer team, or a change in events, these are great signs of future success. Entrepreneurs know how to adapt quickly and work with others to find innovative solutions.

13. They like to earn money

If your child wants to have a lemonade stand, or unload toys at the family garage sale, these signs bode well for an entrepreneurial future. Many entrepreneurs get started with small moneymaking endeavors as young children. They get hooked on the independence; this buys them from a young age and determined to find creative ways to earn money in the future.

One thing is for sure, entrepreneurs love money. While lots of kids don’t know the real value of money, your child might have quite the love of cash. If offering your child a monetary reward will get them doing the house chores on time and fast, you might have a young entrepreneur on your hands. Give them bonus points if they save and spend their money wisely.

14. They are independent

Entrepreneurs tend to make their own rules, and they aren’t too concerned with the approval or assistance of others. If your child prefers to do things himself rather than get your help or instruction, he might have an entrepreneurial spirit. Children who grow up to be entrepreneurs tend to be very independent at an early age and continue to be as they grow.

Wish you all the best as you identify the entrepreneur within your child.

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